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nguac - r2 boss fight nguac - r2 boss fight

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Its a nice chill track.
But because of this over world music than boss music. It takes a long time to get going, and even then doesn't quite get intense enough for a boss battle.
Otherwise its good though with a quite nice melody in the middle though the first bit is over used.

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CzeryWassierSwizier responds:

Now that you mention it, this isn't close to boss music at all. I'm make sure to come up with better music or at e least a better title next time.

Overcoming Hardship Overcoming Hardship

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Its a nice piece of work but the brass needs to be brought out and be made more brassy as is its a little dull sounding. The vocals are a bit overwhelming at times. The percussion is good but it needs to be louder. Also i really like the piano/harp (cant tell what it is) its a nice unexpected addition.

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Before The Storm Before The Storm

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really like this. It has a very nice feel to it and seems like it belongs as a sound track to a desert scene. In what context? I don't know but that's where I envision it.

I didn't like the vocal screams at first but after a listen or two they've grown on me. I think it was the industrial feel to them. However as I listen to it more it grows on me. I certainly like the feeling of desperation it gives the track. It gives the piece its soul.

Also from 1:05 to 1:07. Theirs a solo voice that seems a bit out of place. Their certainly needs to be something there if only for the sake of keeping the it filled out but I don't feel like that particular voice is it. Its hard to pick out as it overlaps too much with existing vocals. I also cant Identify it else where in the song (meaning it was masterfully crafted in, or its not there).

Overall its a very lovely work of art Its difference from a lot of the other epic sounding music makes it noteworthy and unique.

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KatMaestro responds:

Thank you for the critique!

The vocals at beginning need some fixing because I accidentally chose the wrong phrases for it, which resulting the scream/shout-like vocals. The violin's volume should be bring down, now I feel it's loudness (mixing on headset is bad :P). As you heard (and mentioned) the voices elsewhere, they're actually there. The choir needed to be brought out more, and I'm working on a better version of them right now.

There is so much to be fixed in this piece. It's gonna take me at least 2 more months to complete this album.

THANK YOU again for the awesome review sir!

Hope Hope

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I really like this piece.

I think the problem with the violin and choir is that they sound very similar and their are times when the choir sounds like a really high pitched violin with the resonating of the voice. (most notable around 0:18) They just blend together and the result is that choir often gets washed out. You can have the choir but it needs to be tweaked enough that you can tell what it is.

It doesn't help that the loudest two sounds vear toward the higher range of the spectrum and are both sort of soft on the ear. Bringing out the percussion more would probably help with that. As it is its sort of floaty sounding. It needs something to bring it back to earth. It's got potential though, just need polishing.

Best of luck with cleaning up the rough edges.

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KatMaestro responds:

I also feel like both the choir and string were fighting each other. I temporary removed the choir so I could add more string in there.

I don't know. I think the mixing is a bit better now. Thank you for the advices!